New Zealand’s First National Hip Hop Tour

This going back deep into the archives, but it’s one of the advertising “ideas” I’m most proud of: The Boost Mobile Hookup Tour. It lives in lore now — but the campaign was a crazy success. Not just for the brand (Boost Mobile overtook Vodafone) but for New Zealand Hip Hop. After coming up with the idea for the tour, we worked hand in hand with the people at the heart of the scene. Proving that advertising can be constructive to culture — instead of just taking from it for its own benefit.

Spinoff, An Oral History of the Boost Mobile Hookup Tour


Tour Announcement 


Boost Mobile: Hook It Up

The final scene in the brand commercial was shot at one of the concerts.


Dawnraid All Stars x Boost Mobile: Hook Up

The single topped the New Zealand music charts and stayed there for weeks.


Live on Top of the Pops NZ



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