Have you ever had a Dry Dream?

I’m sure you have. They’re the dreams you have at two in the morning hanging out with your friends sipping on a beer (preferably a Carlton Dry). Most of the time they’re forgotten in the harsh light of the morning. We decided to make them a reality.

Rubber Chicken Rocket Car


Skeet Shooting in a Tank


Making our drinkers Dry Dreams come true.

As part of the campaign we asked people to tell us their Dry Dream. Then we selected one of the Dry Dreams to bring to life. The winner: Mini Golf But Not Mini. Imagine a mini golf course but it’s the size of a normal golf course. Genius! We attempted to make a single hole and turn it into content — but it turned out to be our Don Quixote and the Dry Dreamer ended up with a cash prize. I guess some Dry Dreams just don’t come true.


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