ROLE: Creative Director

After a 15-year ad hiatus, we had the honor of bringing Grey Poupon back into the discerning eye of the public, restoring its place as the number one premium Dijon mustard brand in the world.

The Society of Good Taste

Grey Poupon was a dated brand. The most modern thing they had done of late was come out in a squeeze bottle. This Facebook app was like their social coming out party. ‘The Society of Good Taste’ app was the first Facebook page that deletes fans who do not exemplify good taste. To determine those most worthy, the society scanned prospective fans’ Facebook profiles for check-ins, status updates, grammar and spelling. If a fan proved to be classy enough, they would be accepted. If not, the society would be forced to remove their ‘Like’ and point them to the nearest finishing school.

Cannes: Promo/Activation, Silver
Cannes: Integrated, Bronze
D&AD: Digital Advertising/Use of Social Media, Wood Pencil
London International Awards: Use of Social Media, Silver


Grey Poupon: The Chase

To relaunch the brand we leveraged their "Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?"  equity and gave it a modern twist.

Emmys: Best Commercial, Nominated 
Cannes: Integrated, Shortlist
The One Show: Online Films & Video, Bronze
D&AD: Film, Wood Pencil


The Society of Good Taste: Collateral  

The Gravy Yacht, because a Gravy Boat simply won’t do.


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