ROLE: Creative Director

Old Navy became famous in the mid ’90s with its quirky, offbeat advertising featuring retro TV celebrities, a retired fashion editor and a dog named Magic. After a period of steady double-digit decline they needed to revive their place as the largest “fast fashion” discount retailer in the world. 

We took Old Navy back to what made it great: a pop culture brand with simple modern style and unapologetic fun.

The TV work was consistently featured in Creativity’s Best Spots and talked about on national TV. Our Times Square and Flip-Flop Ice Block stunts won awards in CA, The One Show and Cannes. When everyone from the Today Show, E!, Entertainment Weekly and Saturday Night Live was talking about and spoofing our commercials, it became very obvious that the Old Navy that everyone always knew and loved was back.



Reuniting the Griswold’s was a dream come true.


Summer Flip-Flops

To celebrate the start of summer and we encased 600 pairs of flip flops in blocks of ice in Los Angeles, New York City and Tokyo. As the temperatures rose, the ice melted and the flip flops were slowly freed and gifted to pedestrians on the street. 80,000+ visitors attended each installation and 2,466 pairs of flip flops were given out worldwide.


Black Friday: Cheermageddon

The world’s most infamous and chaotic shopping event can sometimes feel a little apocalyptic. Thankfully George Takei is willing to step up and help us save.

Of course we spoofed the Armageddon soundtrack:


Yes, Mr T makes the Old Navy Tees.


That’s probably enough Old Navy for one day. Not featured: the most inclusive catwalk at the exclusive New York Fashion Week, the Backstreet Boys, Jordan Knight, the worlds biggest coupon, a Beverly Hills 90210 reunion, and so much more…


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